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Holguín Project Boosts Environmental Education

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presa holguínThe development of environmental education actions in the province of Holguin, including the Festival “Amigos de la Bahía de Nipe,” are part of the actions being carried out here to face climate change in Cuba, grouped in the project Tarea Vida.
Rolber Reyes, specialist of the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, explained that the initiative includes educational talks about the importance of the watershed in the municipality of Antilla, the largest pocket cove in the Caribbean island.

The festival, in its third edition, also includes environmental sanitation, the reforestation of mangroves and children's competitions related to the protection of the bay, with a length of 220 square kilometers, said Norkis Ochoa, provincial coordinator of environmental education.

As part of the programs to face climate change, the northeastern territory gives priority to the application of hazard, vulnerability and risk studies and the recovery of natural barriers, among them sand dunes and coral reefs, which contribute to counteract the rise in sea level.

Tarea Vida is a plan of the Cuban government to struggle the climate change, which effects are linked to intense drought, the rise of sea level and the salinization of underground waters. It includes 73 localities prioritized for its application.

Holguín shows evidence of climate variability, including the increase in annual minimum temperature of 2.0 to 3.0 degrees Celsius and the impact of high intensity hurricanes, which is why the coastal municipalities of Antilla, Banes, Rafael Freyre, Gibara, Frank País , Mayarí and Moa, are included within this strategy, Reyes concluded.

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