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Some 200 Biogas Plants Operate in Holguín

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biogas energia renovable
The province of Holguín currently has about 200 plants for the production of biogas as fuel, as part of the programs aimed at expanding the use of renewable energy sources.
The biogas is a tool for the treatment of biodegradable waste, considered highly harmful to the environment and human health, including methane.

Alexander Leyva, specialist of the Holguín Electricity Company, told the ACN that the biodigesters are mainly directed to the processing of solid waste generated by the breeding of animals such as pigs and cattle.

Leyva stressed that these plants have storage capacities from 16 to 80 cubic meters and report benefits in lighting and cooking.
These biodigesters also improve hygienic conditions and contribute to the conversion of excrement into biofertilizers, with the aim of promoting organic farming, he said.

As part of the projects to expand the use of fuel, the province is carrying out a research to monitor both the structural and operating conditions of some 54 plants belonging to self-employed workers.

Janet Soberats, coordinator of the initiative, said that on this front there are parameters that allow the application of laboratory tests to determine the acidity of the soil and the quality of the fuel generated in the process, which also contributes to the protection of underground water sources.

The extension and improvement of biogas is in accordance with Guideline 253 approved at the VII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, which establishes the development of renewable energy sources as a priority of the Cuban State.  / ACN

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