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Toa River Bridge Under Final Construction Phase

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moa baracoa 1The Toa Bridge is about 224, 8 m long and is 97 percent of completion. Photo: Taken from Pavel Rodríguez's Facebook profile
The construction of the bridge over the Toa River, in the municipality of Baracoa, is scheduled for completion in next July.
The new bridge is about 224, 8 meters long and can hold as a maximum weight of 80 tons, according to the Cuban norm.

The work is part of the repair and construction actions undertaken by the National Roads Center, with its counterparts in the provinces of Holguín and Guantánamo on the Moa-Baracoa highway, of which the bridge is one of the most significant within that investment project.

moa baracoa 2
The bridge collapsed on October 2016, due to the heavy rains of Hurricane Matthew and the fallen trees dragged by the current.
Designed by a Venezuelan company, the bridge is being built by the Simón Bolívar Military International Rescue and Humanitarian Assistance Brigade, commanded by Major Germaín Veloz.

moa baracoa 4
The major work undergoes a series of modifications in its architectural design. "We are based on three premises: to raise the bridge 25 meters more with respect to the previous one, to extend the distance of the supports of 50 m between each one and the design of the bridgehead is aerodynamic, which prevents the blockage in the river caused by fallen trees and other materials," said Mayor Veloz.

Raúl Tamayo, Director of Production of the ECOI-17, said that the technology used is different from the collapsed bridge and is designed to withstand the consequences of meteorological phenomena, such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

Pavel Rodríguez, director of the Provincial Center for Road Management in Holguín, acknowledged the effort of workers involved and especially thanked the Venezuelan aid.

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