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Mexico Will Help Central American Migrants Discriminated by the US

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Mexico will assist Central American migrants who are discriminated against and despised by the United States government and will house those whom Donald Trump described as ''frozen'' in an undefined legal limbo.
The president of the neighboring country decided unilaterally and to the detriment of international law to send back to Mexico asylum seekers crossing their southern border, to wait while the justice of that country resolves their cases, something he tried two months ago back with his proposal to 'stay in Mexico' not accepted in that country.
Central American migrants continue to live in the shelter known as El Barretal, in Tijuana, waiting to be accepted by the United States where the Mexican government has tried to keep life conditions as acceptable as possible, but often unable to do so.
After the arbitrary announcement, Mexico assured that it does not share that decision, although it will be selective in opening doors for 'humanitarian reasons.'
Alejandro Alday, legal advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SER), anticipated that people who re-enter national territory may remain under a special permit that will allow them to work while their immigration status is resolved.
The official rejected that gesture means being a 'Third Safe Country' as has been said in the United States in order that migrants in transit can request asylum to Mexico in case they are rejected there.
Tonatiuh Guillén, commissioner of the National Institute of Migration, warned that the country does not have the operative capacity to receive the Central Americans and that the legislation in the matter does not favor the application of that instrument.
In the neighboring country Kirstjen Nielsen, secretary of National Security, declared that the US president invoked Section 235 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to reduce illegal migration 'by removing one of the main incentives for people to be released, first, to a dangerous trip to the United States.'
Once that discriminatory policy is implemented, individuals who arrive or enter the United States from Mexico without proper documentation may be returned for the duration of their immigration procedures, Nielsen said, arguing that it is because many asylum seekers disappear a Once they start their procedure. / PL

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