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Canadian Scientists Call to Take Strong Climate Actions

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Canadian scientists called on politicians to take strong measures to face the negative effects of climate change.
In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, leaders of opposition parties and provincial and territorial prime ministers and researchers said that the situation has become so serious that 'we can no longer afford to be complacent'.
By urging politicians to listen seriously, William Peltier, director of the Center for Global Change Science at the University of Toronto; John Smol, a professor of Environmental Change Research at Queen's University, and David Schindler, an environmentalist and a professor emeritus at the University of Alberta, warned about the dangers.
The academics called on Canadian politicians to put aside their partisan differences to resolve what scientists call a crisis, alluding to the effects of climate change.
They noted that there is no time left for the 'transition economies' argument that some elected officials use to calm investors in the fossil fuel industry.
'The general effect of climate change on the economy and the environment will be as devastating as a slow international war that threatens the future of citizens,' they warned.
The letter includes a list of effects already caused by the phenomenon in Canada, ranging from reducing the return of salmon to the thining of the sea ice cover and extreme weather conditions.
In the medium term, all experts agree that all Canadians will be increasingly affected by climate change. Depending on the region, the country is expected to experience more severe storms and more frequent heat waves.
The Climate Summit is currently taking place in Katowice (Poland), where over the next two weeks there will be meetings and complex negotiations to implement the 2015 Paris Agreement, which calls for a halt to global warming by drastically cutting polluting emissions. / PL

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