University Project Contributes to Art-Science Link

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The project "the myth of the poyesis" of the University of Holguín contributes to the dissemination and conservation of the most autochthonous values of the Cuban culture from the link between art and science.
With the collaboration of the Culture and Identity Study Center and the Center for Exchange and Community Initiative Model, the program emerged in 2014 and its name comes from a Greek word related to the process of creation.
DrC. Rolando Bellido, coordinator and founder of the project, pointed to the Cuban News Agency as an essential objective to make the most of the potentialities of the academic and artistic vanguard of the territory, essential link for the development of culture from the community spaces.
He indicated that the search for the most distinctive cultural roots of Holguin throughout its geography is one of the most frequent activities among members of the program, who combine these debates with book presentations, workshops and cultural activities.

He acknowledged that even though the project is essentially focused on promoting or discovering new community initiatives that promote local development through diversity, endogeneity and creativity, the greatest challenge is to move from verbal exchange to theoretical reflection.
Achieving joint research that from science explain and conceptualize these ideas will validate the usefulness of the proposals and the integrality of the creative process we have called as "The myth of the poyesis," added Bellido.

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