Successful Application of Ozone Therapy in Holguin

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Ozone therapy has been included in the protocols of action of the different health institutions of the province of Holguín, in the north eastern region of Cuba.


The Provincial Center for Retinosis Pigmentaria Orfilio Peláez has been applying this treatment since 1992, with good results in the last years, mainly in children with cerebral palsy.

According to Dr. Aliuska Fernández Mora, there are currently some 115 children receiving ozone therapy in the health center. In the present year, about 1,447 therapy sessions have been offered to patients with this health condition.

The ozone therapy offered at the Center of Retinosis Pigmentaria not only benefit ophthalmological diseases, but is also applicable to other specialties that have requested its use, highlighting oncology, orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology, pediatrics, internal medicine and angiology, among others.

The modality, based on the application of medical ozone in various parts of the body is a therapy belonging to natural medicine.

This therapy is possible because a machine transforms medicinal oxygen into ozone, where the number of sessions varies in quantity and duration depending on the condition being treated.

Among the most well-known benefits is the improved microcirculation, increased cellular oxygenation, as well as the anti-inflammatory and modulating effect of swelling, hence it is also used as a preventive medicine, due to its stimulating action of the immune system.

Cuba stands out for the amount of scientific research related to the technique of ozone therapy, which allows being currently among the first to regulate it in the world. / Radio Angulo

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