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Holguín Hospital Resumes Nephropathological Clinics

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Nefropatologia Lenin
In order to improve the training of medical students in the specialty of Nephrology, in terms of kidney structures and pathologies that cause chronic renal failure, the nephropathological clinics were restarted in the university hospital Vladimir Ilich Lenin of Holguín.
The initiative to resume these teaching activities was in the hands of nephrologist Luis Ríos () pathologist Oneida Reyes, both specialists with great experience in direct care to patients and in the training of human resources.

Dr. Reyes explained that this practice consists of histological sections taken from dead bodies or patients with chronic renal failure to examine the samples and discuss alterations detected in the Nephrology Department as part of the practical training of the students.

"Through this procedure we offer the patient a better quality of life, since it has a multidisciplinary approach, that is, not only to observe the samples, but the entire clinic of the patient together with the examinations performed. In this way the instruction to future nephrologists is deeper, “said the pathologist.

The nephropathological clinic had been closed for some time due to the infrequency with which they were performed. Now, a new stage begins with new challenges, where the greatest benefit continues to be for patients.

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