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Holguín Improves Primary Health Care

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Thirty-five years after the creation of the Family Doctor Program in Cuba, the province of Holguín works to improve primary health care by improving work strategies, infrastructure and investments that benefit the population.
The main gala for the celebration of the beginning of this program in 1984 was held at the Expo Holguín exhibition center, with the participation of doctors and nurses of the family as well as medical collaborators who arrived from Brazil, after fulfilling an internationalist mission in that South American nation.
Katia María Ochoa, provincial health director in this eastern territory, told the Cuban News Agency that they plan to vary the permanence of doctors in the communities at least two years and three years for those who develop the specialty of Comprehensive General Medicine ( MGI).
This allows a closer approach to patients by the doctors, guarantees better results in the different health indicators and increases the quality of life of people, since 70 percent of health problems are solved with the services of the family doctor, Dr. Ochoa stressed.
When referring to the situation of the infrastructure, the directive also explained the need to maintain a constant process of repair and maintenance in clinics and polyclinics to ensure greater comfort in each health facility.
With more than one million inhabitants, Holguín is one of the most populated provinces of Cuba and has 1,055 offices for primary health care, of which 360 have been renovated in recent times, including those located in areas of difficult access belonging to the Turquino Plan.

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