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In Holguín, First Health Workers with Mission Accomplished in Brazil

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madicos brasil7Photo: Carlos Rafael
Holguín welcomed on Thursday the eight health collaborators who were in Brazil as part of the More Doctors program, through which some 20,000 Cuban doctors have assisted the poorest population of that South American nation since 2013.
The doctors were received by the main political leaders, executives of the Health Directorate and the Health Union of the province in welcoming ceremony held at the Ismaelillo theater.
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Doctors Doraida Aldana Torres, Darlys Batista González, Martha Rosa Piriz Lao, Adela Cedeño Domínguez, Miguel José Sánchez Salinas, Hugo Jaime Rodríguez Álvarez, Mercedes Aidee Laborge Angulo and Alfredo Aguilera Gardens, worked for three years in poor and remote areas of Brazil.
On behalf of the group, Dr. Hugo Jaime, a specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine, said that despite being exhausted after so many hours of travel they felt happy to be back in the land where they forged as professionals.
"Here we will continue doing what we are accustomed to do as humanistic and supportive doctors and willing to fulfill the mission entrusted to us."
About the president-elect of Brazil, he pointed out that "for his Money and power, he will continue to be cared for in the best hospitals in his country and in the world, but the poor who only had us will feel sorry about the departure of Cubans."
Dr. Alfredo Aguilera shared his experience in Capinzal do Norte, a Brazilian municipality in the state of Maranhão (Marañón), where he was the only doctor to serve a population of more than 10 thousand inhabitants without customs of having at hand a health professional for assistance or for consultations to pregnant women of more than 30 minutes.
There are thousands of stories whose protagonists are humble people who welcomed him as one of the family.
Dr. Aguilera won the Illustrious Citizen award, delivered by the municipality in recognition of his work.

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