Holguin: Social Project Benefits the Disabled

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Photo: ACN
A teaching program that includes access to culture and art for people with physical and motor disabilities is part of the actions of the Modesto Fornaris Psychopedagogical Medical Center in the province of Holguin.

This project also extends to the special schools of the eastern territory and is part of the guarantees granted by the 1976 Constitution of the Republic of Cuba to the disabled, which endorses the right to free education.

The initiative combines theater, dance and music with the teaching of handicrafts, taking into account the type of disability and the effects that the patient presents, said to the ACN news agency Elsa Rodríguez, a specialist in the institution that takes care of some 100 people.

She stressed that these activities allow them to socialize and develop the necessary skills for their incorporation into social and working life with the facilities to improve their walking and standing position.

Rodriguez pointed out that this knowledge facilitates the linking of disabled people to self-employment modalities, including handicrafts and the sale of household supplies, through the Cuban Association of Physically and Motor Limited.

The Modesto Fornaris Psychopedagogical Medical Center, was founded more than 30 years ago in Holguin and has 200 specialists in speech therapy, defectology, physiatry and general medicine, who attend patients from Holguin and the neighboring province of Las Tunas. / ACN

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