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U.S. About to Break Record of Immigrants Set in 1890

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Immigrants as part of the total population of the United States reached 13.6 percent, highest figure in over one century, according to a report published by the Pew Research Center.
The amount is near the record established in 1890 that was of 14.8 percent, according to the survey.
However, in that year, although the proportion was higher, the amount of immigrants was 9.2 million, while in 2017 was 44 million.
The 1890 percentage, that was stable in the previous and later decades, reflects the arrival of citizens coming from Europe.
After that date, when migratory more restrictive laws were adopted in 1924, that proportion fell to a mínimum of 4.7 percent registered in 1970.
The regulations approved in 1965 reverted the descending trend and provoked a constant growth until reaching 13.6 in 2017, representing the highest proportion since 1910, when it marked 14.7 percent.
Although the United States is the country with highest amount of immigrants in the world, it is far from being in terms of proportion, with about 25 countries ahead of it like Switzerland (30 percent), Australia (29), New Zealand (23) or Canada (21). / PL

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