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Venezuelan People in Permanent Mobilization against Coup Threat

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The Venezuelan people remain mobilized today after the call to defend the sovereignty made by President Nicolás Maduro before the threats of a coup in the nation.
The congregations will be deployed on this day, when the announcement of the program is expected by the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, said the head of state.
During the popular march gathered yesterday in front of Miraflores Palace (seat of the Executive), Maduro urged Venezuelans to defend the national flag as a symbol of sovereignty.
'This is our north, this is what we defend: the sacred symbols of a homeland that must be respected, the tricolor flag of a beautiful homeland that must wave victorious in the standards of the liberators.'
Also, the head of State denounced that the United States is conducting a coup that seeks to impose a parallel government in Venezuela subordinated to their interests.
The statements of the head of state refer to the recognition of Washington to the nomination of the deputy to the National Assembly, parliament in contempt, Juan Guaidó as president 'in charge' and treat as illegitimate the new constitutional period of Maduro.
The United States Government accepted a president through non-constitutional means in the country, Maduro rejected, at the same time announcing the end of diplomatic and bilateral political relations. / PL

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