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Pope Francis Warns about Spiritual Degradation

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Pope Francis warned today about spiritual degradation, saying that passion for the human being finds serious difficulties at this moment in history.
In a letter sent to the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of its founding, the Supreme Pontiff pointed out that the joys of family relationships and social coexistence are profoundly blurred.
Francis pointed out that 'reciprocal mistrust between individuals and between peoples is fueled by a disproportionate search for their own interests and an exasperated competition, not without violence.'
The distance between the obsession with one's own well-being and the shared happiness of humanity, he said, is widened to such an extent that it gives the impression that a true schism is taking place between the individual and the human community.
Recalling the statement in his encyclical 'Laudato yes' about the state of emergency in which is the relationship of people with the land and peoples, the Pope said that 'it is an alarm caused by the lack of attention to the great and decisive question of the unity of the human family and its future.'
He also pointed out that the erosion of this sensibility, on the part of the mundane powers of division and war, is growing globally at a speed much higher than that of the production of goods.
'It is a true and proper culture - indeed, it would be better to say anti-culture - of indifference towards the community: hostile to men and women, and allied with the arrogance of money,' he said.
Francisco called attention to the paradox between the existence of sufficient economic and technological resources to take care 'of the common home and of the human family, thus honoring God who has entrusted them to us', which cause, at the same time, the divisions more aggressive and worse nightmares.
In this regard, he stated that 'peoples feel acutely and painfully, although often confusingly, the spiritual degradation - we could say nihilism - that subordinates life to a world and a society subjected to this paradox.'
The economic system and the ideology of consumption -she emphasized- select our needs and manipulate our dreams, without taking into account the beauty of shared life and the habitability of the common home. / PL

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