Cultural Project Reaches Holguin Mountainous Region

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The will imposes after a few hours of sleep travelling by bus, bearing in mind José Martí’s words that "climb hills, sister men" and is best when it comes from the hand of art.
Holguin artists and other members of the Itinerant Project Guerrilla de Teatreros of the province of Granma, visited from August 8 and 13 the Holguin mountainous region, as part of the 16th edition of the " Trepada Cultural Deportivo Recreativa ," organized by the Provincial Commission of the Turquino Plan, of the People’s Power Assembly in Holguin.

Sabanilla and Guamuta, in the municipality of Cueto; La Güira and Vivero Dos, in Mayarí; Colorado and Río Frío, north of "Frank País"; Farallones and Cayo Grande, from the Moa Turquino Plan and El Sopo and Calabaza in Sagua de Tánamo were the communities that enjoyed the cultural and sports activities organized by the project.

“These activities arise as a differentiated program of attention to mountainous regions to guarantee their sustainable development, with emphasis on the protection of natural resources and agricultural and forestry production, in particular, coffee, cocoa and honey, among other crops," said Antonio Agüero Zaldívar, Secretary of the Provincial Commission of Turquino Plan.

This project also reached intricate areas of the mountainous system of eastern Cuba with the educational message in favor of the conservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment, thanks to the work of the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA).

René Reyes Blázquez , who has led the itinerant project Guerrilla de Teatreros for more than two decades, said he will take to Granma the experience he had already lived with the other members of the project, "because art is not only cultivated in cities but also in these rural places, sometimes unexplored or little known, where you can find the culture that their inhabitants can show. "

“Guerrilla de Teatreros " was accompanied by renowned local artists, including the soloist and member of the Lyrical Theater Rodrigo Prats, Ernesto Infante; the Septeto Tumba'o Añejo and the Duo Kachilocos, as well as the artistic skills of the fans in these municipalities.

"These activities cause a good impact in the mountainous areas, which are places lacking in cultural activities," said Pablo Guerrero, a resident of the El Sopo community (Sagua de Tánamo) and member of the CCS Pedro Marrero, who also emphasized that this is the first time that a cultural event like this has reached his area.

Days of recreation, artistic and environmental culture close the 2018 summer season in the mountains of Holguin, where Cuba is enjoyed from the most authentic of its traditions on the 31st anniversary of the Turquino Plan.

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