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The 14th International Film Festival of Gibara

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For its fourteenths occasion, the locally named as Villa de los Cangrejos will be the venue of different the artistic expressions as part of the International Movie Festival of the Gibara town which will be carried out this year from July 1st through 7th.
The festival, which has traditionally been carried in April, is aimed at the local children and teenagers not only bacuse it coincides with the summer season but also due to it has shown a deep interest about the younger people´s approach to the audiovisual since its beginnings through its workshops for the infantile creation which still exist and will be carried out from ten am during each of the four days of that event.
The also locally known as the festival of arts, taking into account the presence of Gibara´s artistic expressions for almost a week, will have the music as a referential aspect and local singer-songwriters such as Pancho Cespedes, Silvio Rodríguez, Fito Páez, Raúl Paz and Haydée Milanés are the related proposals for those arriving to the city that was immortalized by Humberto Solás through his creations.
In addition, a concert by the Argentinian composer Osvaldo Montes who will sing part of that film´s repertoire entitled The El lado oscuro del corazón (the dark side of heart) that was a film which will be shown, restored during that event where there are outstanding personalities such as the Puerto Rican actor, Benicio del Toro, and the Spanish director Félix Viscarret who will present some of their recent and related works.
Aware of the roles of the artists about the planet´s future, the organizers of the International Gibara Movie festival have coordinated, along with the Antonio Núñez Jiménez, the cleaning of a nearby beach from the Los Guiron community in order to unite the artistic culture with the social and environmental one. / Radio Rebelde

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