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Ebola Epidemic in DRC Equals the Deadliest in the Region

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The tenth Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) equaled in terms of deaths the deadliest outburst in history in 1976, the Ministry of Health reported on its Twitter account.
So far, the deadliest epidemic was reported in 1976 in Yambuku (in the north of the DRC), with 318 cases and 280 deaths.
However, the current epidemic in the provinces of North Kivu (it broke out in the rural community Mangina on August 1) and in Ituri has made experts predict that it is only a matter of time to become the deadliest epidemic.
Health Minister Oly Ilunga noted that the outbreak will still last several months and the risk of spreading continues to be important.
Statistics from December 7 show that 280 people have died, including 48 probable cases (no samples were taken) in a total of 489 cases. / PL

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