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Cuba Reiterates Support and Solidarity with Lula

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declracion minrexCuba has reiterated its support and solidarity with former Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, a target of political and judicial persecution to prevent his running for president in the elections of the South American nation.
An official statement issued last night by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that the ruling of the second-instance court regarding the conviction of the former president of the Federative Republic of Brazil and leader of the Workers' Party (PT) Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva has been known.
In accordance with the statement, Cuba reiterates its support and solidarity with Comrade Lula, who has been subject to the fiercest political and judicial persecution in order to prevent his running for president.
The three judges in charge of examining the appeal presented by Lula's defense lawyer agreed in entirely rejecting the allegations and supported the vote of rapporteur Joao Pedro Gebran Neto, who even increased to 12 years and one month in prison the sentence made by Sergio Moro (nine years and six months in jail).
The Workers Party in Brazil ratified that Lula will be his candidate in this year's presidential election and warned that he will not surrender to injustice.
The PT stated that the three-judge votes acting in the 4th Federal Regional Court (TRF4) were clearly combined and noted that this confirms the political-partisan commitment of some sectors of the judicial system orchestrated by the Globo network with the purpose of excluding its founder from the upcoming electoral contest.
Those sectors promoted the impeachment coup (of constitutional President Dilma Rousseff) in 2016 and since then they have been squandering the national heritage, handing over our wealth and national sovereignty, withdrawing rights to workers and destroying social programs, it remarked.
The statement noted that the plan of the coup leaders disagree with Lula's political force, 'which arises from the soul of the people', and also with the democratic conscience of the vast majority of society, 'which does not accept a conviction without crime and without evidence' or the manipulation of justice with political persecution purpose. / Prensa Latina

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