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Maduro: US Suspension of Venezuela's Flights Is Part of Coup

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The suspension of commercial and private flights between the United States and Venezuela is part of the agenda to promote a coup, President Nicolas Maduro said.
The announcement is an illegal decision against free air circulation, they are prohibiting flying to the northern nation from any airport in the world, the president noted, after Washington said that private planes with the YV license, which identifies Venezuela, and US airplanes (NOV) are banned from traveling between the two countries.
This new measure is part of the imperial blockade against all Venezuelans, without distinction of ideology or social condition, Maduro said on Wednesday at Miraflores Palace, the venue of the Government.
He described the decision as a consequence of hatred and revenge from the US Government, after the failed coup d'état on April 30.
'Donald Trump is warned about the consequences and the damage that is doing to bilateral relations, especially he is aware of the lack of results in his policy for destabilization and regime change, coup and interventionism that has been counterproductive so far, he underlined. / PL

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