Lisandra Llaudy and Isam Ortiz integrate national chess preselection

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The International Master (MI) Lisandra Llaudy Pupo, with coefficient Elo of two thousand 320 points (second place in Cuba among women) and the Grand Master (GM) Isam Ortiz Suarez (Elo of two thousand 555 points, sixth of the Island) form part of the national chess preselection that will compete in the Capablanca Memorial.
Llaudy Pupo, as a National Champion, has a guaranteed position in the team to the Olympiad based in Georgia in the coming month of October, commitment to assist with the competitive purpose of achieving a decorous performance.
As for Isam, national runner-up, he is a strong candidate to integrate the Olympic team once again, hence the importance he gives to his participation in the Capablanca Memorial, scheduled to begin at the Hotel Habana Libre on May 9.
The specialists consulted are of the opinion that the Holguin ejedresista should be part of the payroll to the Olympiad for his performance in previous years and the progress made in the first four months of 2018 after a decrease last year. /Radio Angulo

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