Leonel Suárez wins decathlon title in Barranquilla-2018

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Read more ...Once again, the holguinero Leonel Suárez showed that he is an elite athlete and this Monday he took first place in the decathlon of the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla, Colombia, where Holguín won two more titles.

Leuris Pupo in Good Shape for Barranquilla 2018

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Holguin shooter Leuris Pupo, one of the stars of the Cuban delegation in Barranquilla-2018, told Radio Havana Cuba to find himself in good shape to look for four titles in his fourth regional games, although he warned that he will face quality rivals like the Venezuelan Felipe Beuvrin.

Golden Ball Winner Will be Announced on Sunday

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The Federation of International Football Associations(FIFA) said today it will announce the World Cup Golden Ball winner on Sunday right after the final game between France and Croatia finishes.