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UN Security Council Holds Venezuela Consultations

Photo: Prensa LatinaThe UN Security Council holds today its first closed-door consultations on the situation in Venezuela, a meeting requested by the United States.

According to the Permanent Representation of Washington to the United Nations, this is an informal meeting of the 15-member body, chaired this month by Uruguay.

Venezuela is experiencing a complex scenario of protests for and against President Nicolás Maduro and the constitutional process called by the president as a peace response to the violence triggered by some opposition sectors and international campaigns in favor of the attack to the Bolivarian Revolution.

In a statement circulated here, US ambassador Nikki Haley explained that the call for consultation of the Council responds to the fact that the South American country 'is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis'.

According to the diplomat, the peaceful protests have been suppressed by the government, killing some, wounded and detained.

Haley pointed out that the White House's goal is 'the end of violence and oppression and the restoration of democracy'.

It is expected that after the meeting of the Security Council, the Venezuelan ambassador to the UN, Rafael Ramírez, will present to the press the position of Caracas on today's meeting and the situation in the country. / PL

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