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Pressure on Justice for Fire Victims Increases in Guatemala

guatemala-victimas_incendio.jpgInternational pressure on justice for girls victims of the fire in the state-run home Virgen de la Asunción is growing today, while protests demanding President Jimmy Morales's resignation continue in Guatemala.

Almost from the time of the tragedy, messages of condolence came to the country, usually through popular gatherings and demands to apply the law against those responsible for the humiliation and torture of minors in the institution in charge of the Secretariat of Social Welfare.

But these signs of solidarity and rejection of the negligence of the State of Guatemala, because it failed to preserve the lives of girls between 12 and 17 years under their legal care, multiplied in recent days.

From Pope Francis to Russian President Vladimir Putin, noted their concern about what happened at the state-run home in San José Pinula and even described it as grave and sad.

The signs of mourning and restlessness also came from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Cuba, Honduras, Chile, Israel, and other countries, where resident Guatemalans and supporters joined in mourning this Central American nation.

At the same time, the United Nations system in Guatemala recalled that those sheltered in that home were subject to special protection by the State because they had previously suffered psychological trauma, having been victims of violence, neglect and other conditions of vulnerability.

This situation highlights 'the urgent need to transform the character of related institutions,' it added.

By its part, the United Nations Children's Fund called on Latin American governments signatories to the Convention on the Rights of the Child to urgently stop the systematic institutionalization of minors.

Meanwhile, the Organization of American States recalled that on January 31 it requested information from Guatemala, through the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, on the status of Virgen de La Asunción home and that it never received a response.

Parallel to this on Monday was the sixth day of massive protests in this country against Morales and his government, blamed for what happened and which resulted in the deaths of 40 girls so far. / PL

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