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Assange: Brazil is Among the Countries Most Spied by the US

Julian-Assange.jpgBrazil is one of the Latin American countries most spied by US intelligence services, Wikileaks founder Julián Assange said in an interview published here today.

The main reason for this interest is the size of the Brazilian economy and one of its main reasons is the large oil reservoirs, Assange said in a dialogue with writer Fernando Morais, editor of the Nocaut blog.

Previously, Nocaut revealed another piece of the talk in which the founder of Wikileaks said that President Michel Temer provided the United States diplomatic mission here with strategic information about the country in exchange for receiving Washington's support for the legal parliamentary coup against Dilma Rousseff.

Michel Temer had private meetings at the United States embassy where he provided political information that many had no access to, Assange said, adding that 'I do not say he was a paid spy; I speak of something else: exchanging information for political support.'/ Prensa Latina

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