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Russia Denounces US Distortions about Syrian Reality

Russia denounced US manipulations today on Syria events, including unproven accusations against the government of that country for alleged use of chemical weapons.

The Russian Foreign Ministry referred to a report by the US State Department on alleged crimes by the government of President Bashar al-Asssad in Syria.

There are no events in the report as the one that occurred last Monday when 23 civilians were killed following an airstrike by the Western alliance against the Syrian village of Abu-Kemal, allegedly aimed at the terrorist Islamic state movement.

However, the document refers to frequent violations of international law by Damascus, including rules on armed conflict and human rights, without presenting the slightest evidence, says the Russian agency.

Washington's criticism comes after the Pentagon's April 7 attack on Shayrat air base in the Syrian province of Homs, in complete violation of international law and Syrian sovereignty, Moscow said.

The United States generally refers to sources of civil rights groups and intelligence, whose data are difficult to verify, said the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zajarova.

If it is impossible to prove the veracity of the arguments put forward by the United States to launch such serious accusations, we would be facing elements of an information war against Damascus, he said.

We drew attention to footage with confessions from Syrian armed opposition mercenaries about the staging of a false chemical attack in the Syrian town of Jan-Sheijon on April 4, the Russian diplomat said.

A former member of the 'White Helmets' group, accused by Moscow of acting in coordination with extremist groups, confessed that with the farce of the chemical attack they sought to accuse Damascus of breaching the agreements on disposal of those weapons.

The operation to rescue civilians by the 'white helmets' after an alleged attack with Sarin lasted for four days and was carried out by teams from Qatar's chain Al-Jazeera and the British agency Reuter, she said. / PL

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