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Fire Warning in Chile Once Again

The city council from Valparaíso region in Chile has just issued a red warning announcement due to a forest fire in that zone, according to the National Emergency Office of the local Ministry of Interior and Public Security.

“Right now, the Viña del Mar sector is the most conflict zone towards the population from Aysén Harbor.” Rodrigo Romo, who is the main Commander of Firefighters from Valparaíso region, said.

Recent Damages

According to official numbers, the worse forest fires in the history of Chile, which took place in January of this year, left more than 600.00 burned hectares, 11 people dead, as well as thousands of victims and destroyed houses.

The Arauco Chilean company´s branch announced on Thursday that the current and intense forest fire, which affected the nation, damaged some 80.000 hectares and that would cause a $ 240 million dollars loss.

Aracuco, which is one of the biggest world cellulose production company, had reported that the disaster has affected one of the local sawmills in regions from the center and south of that nation.

The most recent forest fires, which had affected that nation in this season, have proven the vulnerability of the central region. It should not be forgotten the local context of those regions that were mainly affected such as Valparaíso, Metropilitana, O´Higgins, Maule, Biobío and La Araucanía one. They all contain the immense majority of that nation´s inhabitants.

Chile is also facing the effects of the climate change and it is very likely the occurrence of more frequent fires. Moreover, the inflammability of the species presents in the forest plantations are mainly the Monterey tree (Pinus radiate), eucalyptus (Eucaliptus globulus). Those speices come from North America and Australia, respectively.

At present, the work about designing the ecologic restoration plan, is found in the recently created local ´Comité Nacional de Restauración Ecológica´ (National Ecological Committee, literally) which is led by the Ministry of Environment, Pablo Badenier and made up of some experts and non-governmental organizations. / Radio Rebelde

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