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Congo, the 6th Oil-Producing Country of Africa, without Fuels

Congo, the sixth oil-producing country in Africa, has been for three weeks now with fuel shortages and the stabilization of the situation seems to remain for some more weeks.

Cuban Foreign Minister Thanks Spain for Solidarity

Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez thanked the Spanish people for its solidarity and support as well as their government´s rejection of the US blockade of Cuba.

Turkey will not be the Same, Following Historic Referendum

The winning ''Yes'' in the historic constitutional referendum on Sunday paves the way for Turkey changing its political system from Parliamentary to a Presidential Republic, thus dramatically expanding President Recep Tayyid Erdogan''s powers.

Angola Prepares Gold Market Regulations

Angolan authorities are preparing the regulation of the gold market to stop illegal sales, which last year reached three tons of the metal.

Venezuela will not Surrender!

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro affirmed that “We are very happy to be in the Cuban homeland and receive, as always, all expressions of fraternity and true friendship,” speaking during the Act of Solidarity with the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, held at the Havana International Conference Center in the context of the 15th ALBA-TCP Political Council, this April 10.


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