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Nicaragua Can Always Count on Cuba: Says Miguel Diaz Canel

Miguel-Daz-Canel--Nicaragua.jpgThe Cuban first vice-president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, said here today that Nicaragua can always count on the support, friendship and solidarity of the Caribbean nation.

'We are bearers of a solidarity and revolutionary embrace of the Cuban government and people,' said Díaz Canel upon his arrival in Nicaragua to participate in the celebrations of the 38th anniversary of the Sandinista Popular Revolution.

He also extended the greeting of Cuban President Raúl Castro to his counterpart Daniel Ortega and vice president Rosario Murillo, who along with the Sandinista National Liberation Front struggle to eradicate poverty in Nicaragua.

The Cuban leader noted that Nicaragua is experiencing intense days of reassertion and revolutionary struggle, after hosting the XXIII meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum, an important space for political debate in which the Latin American left-wing drew common strategies to confront neoliberalism.

'It is very significant at such a momentous, to be able to express our congratulations to the Nicaraguan people and to ratify once again that they can count unconditionally and forever on the support, friendship and solidarity of the Cuban people,' asserted Díaz Canel. / PL

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