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Cuba for Promoting its City Tourism

turismo-cuba.jpgThe population from Matanzas city is about to carry out a complex rehabilitation and preservation program of that city which includes some related improvements for its local citizen through the use of tourism as a way to keep the investments and increasing the cultural and patrimonial values of that first neoclassic city of Cuba.

Manuel Marrero Cruz, who is the Ministry of Tourism, commented that he does not feel really pleased about the level and quantity of the visits to Matanzas city, hence, the construction of two traditional hotels and the improvement of its gastronomic infrastructure, along with new restaurants, bars and coffee shops as additional attractive features of that city where basic services were offered to encourage the visits.

“We have a great potential in Varadero resort where it has been fostered the vacation tourism, but it is also true that we do not meet the needs form a wide segment of the related market that prefer the culture of the city, especially the European one and now it is the time to think widely about it.” Manuel Marrero Cruz pointed out.

In addition, he explains that there will be some important investments carried out in Varadero resort, especially about the increase of the accommodation and its infrastructure capacity by fulfilling the strict state-run policies which have led to the demolition of three hotels for having violated the local law on coasts.

“We are planning to achieve an organized and clean Varadero city that could be enjoyed by its inhabitants and visitors, just as it is planned to do it in the case of Matanzas city.” Manuel Marrero Cruz pointed out.

“By the end of the month of February, the tourism of Cuba shows a 15 percent growing and a very promising tendency and there will be some related investments in the nation with the use of new tourist resorts like the one in Cayo Ramón in Holguín province that is a zone which will have up to 20.000 rooms, besides, the potentialities of the south coast are being studied.” He added.

In that sens e , Manuel Marrero Cruz also said that there are significant investments being carried out in Cienfuegos city, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba cities in accordance with the high demand of the international tourism about Cuba.

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