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LATEST_UPDATE_ON Fri, 20 Oct 2017 - 14:01
Delegation by FIFA to Visit Cuba

Bruno-Rodriguez1.jpgA high level delegation from the International Foootball (Soccer) Federation (FIFA) will visit Cuba this week, said official sources Monday.

The Cuban National Soccer Association (AFC) said in advance the visit is scheduled from September 24 to 26, headed by the official head of member national associations, Joyce Cook, from the UK.

Cook will be acconpanied by another four executives of the international soccer institution, who have scheduled an exchange with the Cuban press on September 25.

In this same place was in April the holder of the FIFA, Italian-Swiss Gianni Infantino, who stated that Cuba should be an example for the world, because of the positive message that its sport movement transmits.

The entourage of the FIFA president was integrated, among others, by the head of the North, Central America and the Caribbean Confederation (Concacaf), Canadian Victor Montagliani.

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