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Holguin Hosts Boxing Cup Revolución

boxeo-cuba.jpgHolguín province will host the Boxing Cup Revolución in the Henry Garcia indoor hall from 15th to the 18th November, which will serve as training for the "Playa Girón" boxing tournament, with headquarters in Sancti Spíritus, from December 14 to 20.

About 100 boxers from Santiago de Cuba, Guantánamo, Camagüey, Las Tunas, Holguín and the National Youth Preselection will participate in the qualifying matches that will begin at 2pm.

Holguin fighters Darwin Fernández, (49kg), Malieski Banteur (56 kilograms), Máikel Columbié (60kg), Manuel Pozo (64kg), Lenar Pérez and Geovanis Bruzón (91kg) and Daniel Proenza (more than 91 kilos) will also participate in the Playa Girón National Tournament.

Pérez, Bruzón and Proenza are boxers of perspectives for the country and are attended by the national leadership of the sport.

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