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Leading Sports Disciplines in Holguín

levantamiento-pesas.JPGThe Holguín sport will conclude 2017 with a total of 15 disciplines ranked among the first six positions at national level, according to a report of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER).

Weightlifting, cycling, chess and modern pentathlon are the leading sports with outstanding second national places.

This year, chess ranked first in the first category, the same as cycling, which added a second place in school games, while the weightlifting achieved the first position in the category and second in adult, while the pentathlon also positioned second in school games.

These disciplines were followed, with third integral positions, by artistic gymnastics and rowing. Handball, soccer, softball, shooting, sailing and motorcycling ranked fourth. In this group handball and table tennis had a good performance. Fifth this year, fencing and judo, and sixth, rhythmic gymnastics.

Baseball, karate, tennis and taekwondo obtained seventh position; badminton and boxing the eighth; diving, synchronized swimming and water polo ninth position, while field hockey, table tennis and triathlon, the tenth.

The national events that remain this year (Boxing Tournament "Playa Girón") and handball (national men's championship in Holguin) count for the comprehensive evaluations of 2018.

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