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Cuban Players Crowned in Can-Am League

Manduley_3.jpgCuban baseball players Yordan Manduley, Yurisbel Gracial and Lázaro Blanco crowned for the first time in the Can-Am Baseball League with the Capitals of Quebec, winner of the title against the Rockland Boulders.

The Holguin shortstop and first batter in the lineup of the new monarchs connected two hits in five innings, including a triple in the same first episode, two runs scored, a RBI and a strikeout.

In the six games played in the postseason, Manduley had nine unassailable shots in 27 innings, with five runs scored, one double, one triple, four RBIs, two tickets and a pair of strikeouts, for an average of 333, while his defense was perfect.

Member of Los Cachorros de Holguín in the Cuban Baseball League, the Holguin shortstop won the first title in the Can-am League since his incursion in 2015.

In the regular stage of the game, the versatile shortstop participated in 84 games, with a batting average of 309, with 103 hits in 333 times at bat, with 14 biangulares, a triple and a quadrangular.

The Canadian squad, playing as a local at the Stade Canac, defeated for the third consecutive day in the playoff final 9-3 to the Rockland Boulders, in game where the also Cuban Yurisbel Gracial, baseman and third offense hit 4-2, with two RBIs and a ticket.

Lázaro Blanco, the leader of the pitching team of the Capitals in the qualifying stage with 11 wins and four setbacks, but no decision in the postseason where his effectiveness declined.

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