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Holguin Badminton Players to Train in China thanks to the Li-Ning Brand

Photo: Calixto LLanesThanks to the sponsorship of the Li-Ning sportswear brand and the efforts of sports authorities in the island, four Cuban badminton players will be making a training base in China at the end of July, including Holguin Taymara Oropesa, main figure of that sport in the country among women.

After participating in the Pan American Championship of the discipline, held in April at the Coliseum of the Sports City of Havana, Oropesa jumped 173 seats to the 296th place in the world ranking of women's singles, and now owns 3,860 points, according to the last update.

Oropesa lost the continental cup singles with the American Jaime Subandhi, in the quarterfinals, and in the same competition along with Adriana Artiz from Cienfuegos and Leodannis Martínez of Santiago, in double feminine and double mixed, respectively, to Canadian duets in both cases.

During the 18th Giraldilla International Tournament in Havana, Oropesa won a bronze medal (single) and gold (in double mixed, accompanied by Martinez). "Going to China will be special because its players are the best in the world and we will have the opportunity to participate in some competition. This year we are looking for our classification towards the Central American and Caribbean Games Barranquilla-2018. Except for Osleni Guerrero, the rest of the team members have very few chances to train like this”, she said to local newspaper ¡ahora!

Also would join the team Holguin Angel Herrera, who in Giraldilla managed to advance to the semifinals, excluding the best positioned Italian Matteo Bellucci. Then, it was stopped by Guerrero, in the pass to the discussion of the title, in the singles for men.

According to Oropesa, Herrera will have a chance to win the position for the trip to China, as there will be several checks before July. "Li-Ning wants to represent Cuban racket sports, for that reason its interest in the training base", she added.

China´s Li-Ning is a leader in sports products in that country, outperforming other foreign sports brands such as Nike or Adidas. Both in China and outside its borders, the company sponsors many athletes and teams.

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