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Cuban Freestyle Wrestler Valdes Wins his Match in Finale of Bundesliga

Cuban Alejandro Valdes was instrumental in the 13-9 win of the SVG Weingarten over the KSV Ispringen in the final of the German Wrestling Bundesliga tournament.

The freestyler Valdes (66 kilograms) achieved his 17th win in the event, now by technical superiority (16-0), in only 48 seconds over Moldovan Mijail Sava, bronze medalist at the World Championship in Tashkent 2014.

His team other winners were the free-stylers Russian Vladimir Egorov (57) and American William Harth (98), and greco-roman specialists Dustin Scher (61), Ionut Panait (66) and Frank Stabler (75), while Kahhaber Khubetzny (75), Zakarias Berg (86), Radoslan Baran (98) and Johan Euren (130) emerged victorious by the Ispringen.

In semifinals, Valdes had defeated German Leon Gerstenberger (16-0) and Moldovan Andrey Perpelita (15-2).

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