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Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: A Witch with Pretenses of "prosecutor?"

With her fragile crystal roof, the republican lawmaker from Miami aims now her weapons toward the Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa.

The World Must Learn From Cuba

According to UNICEF’s most recent statistics (updated to 2015), Cuba, for almost two decades, has had a lower child mortality rate than the United States. That’s an astounding human rights achievement – especially when you consider that Cuba has been under merciless assault by the United States for over fifty years - an assault that has included major acts of terrorism (like blowing up a factory and killing hundreds of workers in the middle of the Cuban missile crisis) not simply economic strangulation.

The Virtues of the Cuban People

The majority of the Cuban people awoke this past November 26 to face a tremendous blow, the country's heart and soul was in mourning. Fidel had gone the night before, quietly in the late hours, to avoid causing us more pain.

Former President Tony Saca to be on Trial

The Salvadorean police captured the former President, Tony Saca, who will be on trial due to crimes of embezzlement, illicit relations and money laundering, according to reports announcement by that Republic General attorney´s office.

Cuba's Sustainable Agro-Ecological Model Could Save the World

On World Food Day, teleSUR spoke to Professor Raj Patel, an award-winning writer and defender of food security and sustainable models of agriculture.

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