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The Ruthless “Mother Of All Bombs”

The bomb launched by the United States this April 13 on an area of Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, has a cost of approximately $16 million dollars, and is known as the “Mother Of All Bombs” given its size and destructive power.

Is this the prelude to a new Iraq, 2003?

The montage regarding the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army against terrorists who have occupied part of this Arab nation was prepared by the United States, along the same lines as that staged in March 2003 by then President George W. Bush to justify the bombing and occupation of Iraq.

Russia-U.S. Ties, a Story to Be Told

Relations between the United States and Russia are a blank sheet on which there is a lot to be told with Donald Trump in the White House and clear signs of business as usual in the case of Moscow.

Why a Blockade and not an Embargo?

Read more...The measures adopted against Cuba by the United States government do not fall within the category of "embargo." On the contrary, they go beyond this definition to represent a "blockade," on seeking to persecute, isolate, suffocate and immobilize Cuba, with the aim of suffocating its people and forcing them to renounce their decision to be sovereign and independent. These are all fundamental elements of the concept of a "blockade," which means to cut or close off a nation to the outside world, in order to isolate and oblige the besieged country to surrender by force or starvation.

Cuba-US: Will Trump Brake the "thawing" with Cuba?

Since Donald Trump's victory in last November elections many questions surfaced in that and other fields.

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