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Millions of Girls without Educational Access

“There are up to 62 million girls who have been denied their right to education.” The director of the United Nations Organization for the Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), Irina Bokova, pointed out during the her speech at the auditorium of the Diplomatic Academy of Chile.

Women Live Longer, But Have Poorer Health

In an increasingly aging world, the title of this article reflects one of today’s key areas of study. In an attempt to respond to this assertion Granma International spoke with doctor and Professor Jesús Menéndez, specialist at the Longevity, Aging, and Health Research Center (Cited).

Summer Holiday, Prevention is the Key to Good Health

Read more...On summer holiday, young people and the general population meet new friends in walks, trips and festivities, scenarios conducive to chance and casual sex, often without proper protection, which has led to many people to acquire a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) and HIV.

Is it Possible to Meld the Best of Capitalism and Socialism?

When the world had two political poles, a statement that sounded obvious was sometimes made: "Let's unite the best of capitalism and socialism in a single system." If both have their defects and virtues, why not just discard what doesn't work? The idea is attractive, it would be an idyllic society. But what prevents this? Why are we still talking about socialism and capitalism? Behind the apparently self-evident concept lies another: you can't extract the best of capitalism as if it were a damaged spot on a piece of fruit. The virtues of this system are based on its defects.

Miami: Oasis for corrupters in Latin America?

This city shows the odd modality of sheltering and serving as a springboard to fugitive politicians and entrepreneurs, who seek to evade sanctions.

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