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Holguin Boosts Local Development Projects

Photo: Taken from aldia.cuMore than 40 local development projects are undertaken in the city of Holguín, as part of the strategy of building renovation being promoted in the last five years in the eastern province.

Renovation works, carried out mainly in the sectors of Commerce and Gastronomy, Culture, Health, Transport and Agriculture, are intended to expand the network of facilities for the service to the population in the so-called Cuban City of parks.

Markets, coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants and cultural centers are among the main investments that contribute to renovate the image of the city of Holguín of about 300,000 inhabitants before the end of the year, according to information of the ACN news agency.

In response to the growing number of tourists staying in rental houses in the eastern city, a wholesale Mercahostal is being built in the proximities of the San José Park, for the sale of vegetables, fruits, viands and grains to self-employed workers dedicated to the room rental for tourists.

Repair works also include polyclinics and rooms of the provincial hospital “Lenin” and the pediatric hospital Octavio de la Concepción y La Pedraja.

The gastronomic complex El Mesón, which includes the restaurant El Bucán and the bar D 'Tapas y Barra, for the sale of smoked meats, wines and cheeses, opened recently in the city of Holguin, as part of the local development project.

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