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Holguin: Motel Oasis Undergoing Major Renovation Works

motel_oasis_1.jpgIn a bucolic environment, among coconut trees, stands the Oasis motel, the flagship lodging facility in the eastern municipality of Banes, in the Cuban province of Holguín, which begins to take on different tonalities after major renovation works undertaken here.

The first secretary of the Communist Party in Banes, Arelis Marrero Guerrero, permanently evaluates every detail of the construction process, indicating that at this moment the task is to work and make the most of the time and resources allocated for the work and insisted on the quality and detail of completion of a work that will be like the gateway to the city.

Four construction brigades from Banes and Holguín, as well as self-employed workers are currently involved in the restoration of the 24 cabins, restaurant, kitchen, the art shop, the lobby, interior sidewalks and cabaret, among other areas. The facility will also have more comfort with renovated bathrooms, new air conditioning system, room’s decoration and water service.

Artists and designers currently work in the decoration of the rooms, which now have new lamps, ornaments, mirrors and other details that, together with the glass carpentry, show a favorable and attractive change.

"We are putting all our efforts to ensure that the Oasis Motel can start operating by the end of the year," said Iber Peña, director of development and investments of the Business Group of Commerce and Gastronomy in the province of Holguín, who explained that the block of rooms as the kitchen-restaurant will undergo a major renovation to provide a service of quality to clients.

Sonia Rodriguez Silva, head of motel accommodation said that "this working group will not disappoint the people, who are eagerly awaiting this and other works that will substantially improve the trade and gastronomy network of the city of Banes." / Radio Banes

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