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Holguín to Carry out Dynamic Electoral Drill

Eleciones-Cuba.jpgHolguín is ready to carry out the dynamic electoral drill on November 19, to guarantee the success of the the first round of the General Elections, scheduled for the 26th of this month throughout Cuba.

In order to guarantee the quality of the electoral process, the eastern territory is conducting the fifth training of members of the different electoral commissions and constituencies.

Raúl Arévalo, vice president of the Provincial Electoral Commission, said that the dynamic drill will allow evaluating the conditions in which the 14 municipalities of Holguin will carry out the elections and then draw up a plan of actions aimed at correcting any failure.

Arévalo also explained that the necessary coordinations are made with the provincial government and the leaders of the territory to foresee the availability of logistic assurances, such as transport and communications, mainly.

From the first of November, biographies and photos of the 2, 725 candidates for delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of People's Power are exhibited in the places of greatest public concentration, with the objective that voters can inform on their trajectory and choose the most capable.

Arevalo said that Holguín is fully enrolled in the different districts of its 14 municipalities in the face of general elections through a comprehensive program that is distinguished, from the nomination process, for its organization, discipline and transparency, as endorsed by the Electoral Law.

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