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Holguin Families will Benefit from New Homes

Photo: Elder LeyvaThe Army Corps General Ramón Espinosa Martín, Chief of the Defense Council of the Eastern Strategic Region, checked the construction of 19 homes for families affected by Hurricane Irma in the Cuban eastern province of Holguín.

Accompanied by Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar and Julio César Estupiñán Rodríguez, president and vice president of the Provincial Defense Council, respectively, Espinosa Martín knew details of the works carried out by the People´s Power Construction Company (ECOPP).

Ortelio Leyva, general director of the ECOPP, explained that 10 of the new houses are of typology 3 with walls of blocks and light cover, while nine are of type 4 with wooden walls and light cover, which will have two rooms and essential services such as water, electricity and drainage solutions.

The new settlement, belonging to the People's Council Zona Industrial, will welcome first Holguin families who are still served in evacuation centers, and later those families whose homes suffered total collapse, said Rodolfo Barsaga, vice president for the construction of the Provincial Administration Council.

The Vice Minister of the FAR, said that the country is willing to seek solutions, and therefore, these homes are built. "We have tried to reach, little by little, all those affected; nevertheless, we must develop the local mini-industries for the production of construction materials. We have a lot to do and keep working," he said.


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