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Preparations for Next Sugar Cane Harvest Begin in Holguín

cosecha_caa_holgun.jpgThe president of Azcuba Sugar Company in Holguín, Orlando Celso García, called workers of the sector to achieve superior results, transform and raise demand and control, during a meeting held at the Expo-Holguín Exhibition Center, in the Cuban city of parks.

"Changing the ways of doing is a necessity. Although last year we achieved a good harvest, we still have dissatisfactions. We must increase yields, exploit the available technology to the maximum, monitor all the details in the sugar process and rise demand," Celso García said.

Photo: Adelfa Hernández / Radio AnguloThe adequate use of working hours, increase of daily trips of cargo transportation, greater attention to sugar cane sowing and compliance with its cutting schedule, the direct exchange with producers, among other actions, are essential to achieve a good harvest.

The meeting was part of the preparation for the coming campaign that is expected to begin in late November or early December throughout Cuba and will be held in complex conditions due to the damage caused by Hurricane Irma last September to sugar cane plantations in the Caribbean nation.

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