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Boca de Samá Condemns State Terrorism

boca-sama-2.jpgResidents of the coastal town of Boca de Samá in the municipality of Banes, Holguin, where a terrorist attack took place in 1971, are gathering today to condemn the acts of aggression perpetrated against the Caribbean island since the triumph of the Revolution on Januray1st, 1959.

Crime of Barbados: Wound Still Open in Cubans

The village, located near Guardalavaca, experienced sad hours on October 12, 1971 when CIA-organized terror squad launched a deadly attack that took the lives of two militia members and seriously injured four villagers.

Among those who managed to overcome the heavy impacts of the bullets is Carlos Escalante, then head of the coast guard unit in the area, who still recalls the terrorist act, which he will always condemn.

On the 46th anniversary of the crime, Escalante raises his voice to condemn state terrorism and reaffirm his will to continue on the front line from Boca de Samá despite he received eight gunshots in his legs during the mercenary attack.

boca-sama-1.jpg“I was walking around the area when we heard the shots and immediately moved to the area where the mercenary landing was taking place. The deadly attack killed the militia members Lidio Rivaflecha Galán and Ramón Siam Portelles”, he recalled.

“That same night, three other neighbors were hit by the terrorist bullets and among them was Nancy Pavón, who was barely 15 years of age when she was seriously wounded during the criminal attack. Her foot had to be amputated due to the wounds received and because of that she was unable to wear her new pair of shoes in her 15th birthday celebration.”

“That is why, he said, the Day of Victims of State Terrorism should become a universal date to condemn all those who commit crimes such as the Barbados October 6, 1976, for the attack on the Cubana de Aviación flight, in which all 73 people aboard were killed”, he stressed. / ACN

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