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Holguín: New Rainfall Record in September

Presas_lluvia.jpgRainfall records in September doubled the historical average in Holguin compared to the same-period averages of previous years, which benefited water reservoirs affected by the intense drought in the eastern Cuban province.

The abundant rainfall associated with the passage of hurricane Irma along the north coast of Cuba, reached 299 millimeters of the precious liquid.

Raúl Pérez, deputy technical director of the provincial delegation of water resources, said that Holguin reservoirs increased their water levels by 18 percent compared to those that existed by the end of August.

“Today, the 21 reservoirs under the administration of this agency have 743 million cubic meters of water. Five of these dams are currently flowing while the rest ones have increased their filling capacities.”

The highest rainfall averages, he said, were concentrated during September in the municipalities of Holguín, Sagua de Tánamo, Cacocum, Calixto García, Báguano and Rafael Freyre, all with records above 300 millimeters.

The province, which had suffered a severe drought for more than two years, has benefited from the high rainfall rates since Hurricane Irma, with favorable impacts on the water table and dams to supply the population and irrigation systems. / ACN


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