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Holguin: Protection Measures Benefit Turquino Plan Areas

Montaas_Plan_Turquino.jpgA set of protection measures aimed to improve the soils of the Turquino Plan areas in Holguin province have been implemented here since 2005, as part of the environmental program for the protection and improvement of living conditions in the Cuban mountains.

Rolber Reyes, a specialist from the provincial delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, said that these measures help to prevent desertification, one of the biggest environmental problems worldwide.

According to Reyes, the reforestation of soils affected by agricultural activity, mining and the incidence of hurricanes, forest fires and other natural phenomena, is among the key measures implemented in the territory.

The rehabilitation program also contributes to the development of agriculture and livestock, main economic activities of the population settlements located in the Nipe-Sagua-Baracoa massif, in Holguin´s Turquino Plan.

The Turquino Plan, a project created in 1980 to provide priority attention to the mountainous areas of Cuba, covers in Holguin the territories of Moa, Mayarí, Frank Pais, Sagua de Tánamo and Cueto, which occupy a surface of about 3, 500 square kilometers.

This region of Eastern Cuba concentrates the exploitation of nickel, mainly in the area of Moa, plantations of various crops and areas for research and tourism development, including Loma de la Mensura, Sierra Cristal National Park and the Integral Station for Mountain Research of Pinares de Mayarí.

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