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Holguin Recovers Banana Plantation Areas Damaged by Hurricane Irma

afectaciones-en-el-platano.jpgThe bulk of banana plantations affected by Hurricane Irma in Holguín are already recovered, while increasing the planting of short-cycle crops in the different agricultural entities of this eastern Cuban territory.

After the path of the meteorological phenomenon through the Cuban territory on September 8, most damages in agriculture were reported in the banana plantations, the most distinctive line in food production in the province.

The strong winds associated with "Irma" demolished over four thousand hectares of this crop, of which more than 3, 600 have been recovered to date.

These fields will be progressively ready to be re-planted, as one of the tasks prioritized in the comprehensive recovery program for the agricultural sector of Holguín.

Veronica Rangel, an official at the provincial delegation of agriculture, highlighted the effort undertaken by workers of the sector in the recovery tasks and the planting of short-cycle crops.

She stressed as important the planting of 1,300 hectares of maize, as an alternative to the absence of viands crops for rational distribution to the population, taking into account that is a feasible line to collect between 70 and 80 days after being planted.

This option offers the possibility of having greater volumes of this food than the traditional ones of previous stages and that the families can use them in diverse variants for their consumption.

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