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Western Holguin Recovering after the Path of Irma

recuperacion.jpgAfter the passage of Hurricane Irma along the northern coast of Cuba, in the municipality of Calixto García, recovery efforts are underway to give a renewed vitality the westernmost of the Holguin territories.

Although this area did not receive the direct impact of the hurricane, more than 300 homes and 400 agricultural hectares were affected, mainly in crops of vegetables and citrus.

The power grid was also damaged due to the fall of poles and trees on the power lines. To date, the electricity brigades have restored 90 percent of the electric service.

On the other hand, the welfare centers have also restored their services, while the Comunales Services Company has been working on the collection of solid waste with the support of the people.

The transport of passengers resumed its services, as well as the main gastronomic centers.

Despite these effects, which are still quantified, the average rainfall of 185 millimeters benefited the reservoirs and the water table in one of the territories most affected by the drought in the province. / Radio Juvenil

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