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Holguin Students Back to School after Hurricane Irma

Reinicio_Curso_Escolar.JPGThe school year 2017-2018 restarted on Tuesday in the province of Holguin after the passage of Hurricane Irma through the Cuban territory.

Rafael Aguilera, provincial director of Education, said that the different educational centers will resume classes, with the exception of two primary schools in the municipality of Sagua de Tánamo, to the east of the province, which were damaged in their infrastructure.

He pointed out that the furniture and school materials, including televisions and computers, were protected thanks to the rapid actions of teachers and other workers, strictly complying with the indications of the Civil Defense for weather events.

The preparation for the restart of classes highlights the material assurance of each center and the guarantee of the teaching staff, including retired teachers and university students, as an alternative solution to the current deficit of teachers in the sector.

The province will restart the school year with an enrollment of 168,128 students at different teaching levels, nearly two thousand above the previous one. Also, teaching programs have been guaranteed even for those schools in more remote places where the material resources were protected before the passage of the meteorological event by the northeastern province. / ACN

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