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Sausage Tree of Africa is Grown in Holguín

Photo: ACNThe sausage tree, native to the African continent, is among the species grown in the Holguin Botanical Garden, as part of a program to preserve exotic varieties in the eastern Cuban city.

The plant, whose scientific name is African Kigelia, can reach up to 12 meters in height and its bark is used as an antidote for snake bites and headache and stomach pain in some regions of that continent.

Omar Leyva, a biologist from the institution, explained to the Cuban News Agency that the tree is native to Senegal and distinguishes itself among the main attractions of the Garden due to its curious sausage-shaped fruits, which can reach 50 cm in length.

He added that the project to preserve exotic species in the Holguin reservoir also extends to other varieties such as blue raspberry, native to Central America and the monstera deliciosa, native to the tropical jungles of Mexico and Argentina.

Raima Cantillo, from the research department of that entity, said that the Botanical Garden also has an area dedicated to the planting of bamboo, an Australian species of great economic and commercial value.

The Garden, located in Valle de Mayabe, about five kilometers from the city, are has about 900 species of endemic and exotic plants, preserved with characteristics similar to their natural habitat. / ACN

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