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Economic Damages Caused by Hurricane Irma in Holguin

Photo: Raúl Oliva / Radio BanesThe damages caused by Hurricane Irma in the province of Holguin include more than 2,400 homes damaged, of which 94 suffered total collapses, while 982 state facilities were damaged, belonging to the sectors of Education, Health, Construction, Communications and industrial activity.

Damages were also reported in 25 stores and 16 bakeries, according to the Directorate of the Provincial Defense Council.

The meteorological event, which mainly battered coastal municipalities, damaged six hotel facilities in the north, five of them located in Banes and one in Rafael Freyre.

In agriculture, the main damages were reported in more than six thousand hectares of land, the majority dedicated to the cultivation of bananas and 1,500 to cassava. Also in rice cultivation areas, vegetables, citrus fruits and 300 coffee cans were lost.

However, despite the havocs caused by Irma, its rains benefited the province's reservoirs with 84.6 million cubic meters of water.



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