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Holguin´s Carnival to Start on August 17th

carnaval2.jpgThe city of Holguin, in eastern Cuba, is ready to celebrate from August 17 to 21 the Carnivals 2017, with about 16 areas prepared for public enjoyment.

These areas include the Calixto Garcia Stadium, Camilo Cienfuegos public square and the communities of Pueblo Nuevo, Alcides Pino and Pedro Díaz Coello.

The kiosks for the sale of a varied gastronomic offer and beverages, as well as platforms for the performance of popular music groups have been assembled in the main streets and avenues of the city.

Rafael Brown, president of the organizing committee, told the press that in this edition will also include the traditional parade of comparsas and floats in the Avenida de los Libertadores, located in the modern area of the city.

He added that the festivities will be dedicated to the World Festival of Youth and Students, to be held in October in the Russian city of Sochi.

The carnivals will extend to the popular councils of San Rafael and San Andrés, with several cultural and recreational proposals. / ACN

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